Hotel Information

Beware of Unauthorized Hotel Solicitations!

EAC 2019 official housing vendor is Sweden Meetx. Attendees and exhibitors should be cautious of other companies that:

  • Call you directly and claim they are official housing partners and have the best rates for Gothenburg. EAC and Meetx will never call you directly.
  • Claim to be affiliated with EAC by offering discounted hotel rates, which often can be too good to be true.
  • Ask you to provide your contact information and credit card details, and require full pre-payment in advance.
  • Claim to have availability at their advertised hotels, but may take the money for the rooms, then later cancel without refund to you.

When booking your hotel for the meeting, please be sure that you are booking through a credible source and email if you are approached by a company making the above claims.