At EAC 2019 we want everyone to be able to enjoy the event. Therefore, by registering for and attending EAC 2019 we all agree to conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

We will respect everyone regardless of their age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, nationality, political affiliation, health, caring responsibilities, physical appearance, disability or educational background. Furthermore, we will also avoid language and behaviour which reinforces discrimination or repression based on any of these attributes.

We will refrain from any form of discrimination, harassment or retaliation. This can include intimidating behaviour or language, inappropriate jokes or comments, unwanted attention, stalking or the display of offensive images.

If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable with the conduct of others at EAC 2019, please talk to any of the organisers or contact us at (read by appointed authorised persons from the conference organisation MEETX ). Your comments will be taken seriously and acted upon in confidence. If you do not treat others with the respect and tolerance that we all deserve, you may be asked to leave.

Welcome to Gothenburg and EAC 2019!