Welcome to EAC 2019!

25-30 Aug 2019

Join colleagues from all areas of aerosol science at EAC2019. Take the opportunity to challenge your brain, create a new networks, and maintain existing relations. EAC2019 will feature five main themes corresponding to the EAA working groups, in addition to selected special topics

The Nordic Society for Aerosol Research (NOSA) arranged its first symposium in 1982 in Gothenburg. In 1988 NOSA hosted the first EAC Conference together with GAeF. Now we welcome aerosol scientists to Gothenburg for the EAC2019.

The EAC conferences are traditional meeting places and an exciting discussion forum for scientists from around the world working with basic aerosol research, development of aerosol techniques or applying one of its several techniques in a rich variety of scientific topics. The topics include nanotechnology, combustion aerosols, chemistry and physics of aerosols, medicine (inhalation, exposure and health), instrumentation, as well as indoor and ambient aerosols. EAC2019 presents an opportunity to learn more about the latest in theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of aerosol science. Discuss with people from all over the world, to share your work and to learn from others.

Welcome to Gothenburg!

Hosted by

Nordic Society for Aerosol Reaserch & Gothenburg Air and Climate Network

European Aerosol Conference EAC 2019

Conference Information

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Press below to see the preliminary program overview. The full programme will be available 31/5 2019

European Aerosol Conference EAC 2019

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission opens Jan 2019

European Aerosol Conference EAC 2019

Conference Venue

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is a sustainable venue located right in the very city center of Gothenburg in close proximity and walking distance to virtually everything.

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